The Original Spirit Lift

The all new Spirit Lift 2.0 is a game changer in hunting technology for all hunters.  This stand is not only for the hunter that is confined to a wheelchair, but also for anyone who is uncomfortable or has a difficult time climbing.  Any hunter can use this stand to improve their chances of success.  With our all new drive system, driven by any cordless drill, a hunter can effortlessly ascend almost any tree that a normal lock-on stand can be used in.  The track comes in sections, that join together much like traditional climbing sticks.  Installation is a breeze, as you attach a section, use the drill to power you to the top of that section, and then attach the next section.  You repeat this process until the last section is attached.  There is never any climbing involved, even during installation.  The Spirit Lift 2.0 is built from high strength aircraft grade aluminum with a durable powder coat, which guarantees that these stands will last a lifetime.  The Spirit Lift 2.0 is available in the Standard Setup and Swivel-Seat Setup

This is the "Cadillac" of all treestands.  Our state-of-the-art system comes complete with our 20 ft. ladder, "power-lift" carriage, and either a comfortable sling seat treestand with gunrest, or our sturdy wheelchair platform.   For the serious hunter that has trouble climbing, or can't climb at all, but still wants to hunt from a tree, this is the safest and most versatile system on the MARKET  today.  The ladder and carraige are made of high strength aluminum, making them ultra-light and portable, and are guaranteed to withstand the weather.  With this setup, most wheelchair-bound hunters can hunt with complete independence.  The hunter can just back their wheelchair up the ramp, and when they pull the "gun-rest" down, the ramp comes up and locks in place.  At the push of a button, the hunter can quietly reach a height of 20 ft. in less than a minute.  With a capacity of 500 lb. almost any hunter can use this stand.  Our system also comes standard with today's highest quality safety equipment.