Modern Concepts Outdoors LLC is a small family owned company dedicated to designing and manufacturing safe and effective hunting products.  Our current project is a “Power Lift Treestand.” This patent pending product will provide the safest and most versatile method for elevated hunting currently available.  Our design incorporates current industry standards with modern technology to provide new opportunities to hunters that are unable to, or find it difficult to climb.  Our team has spent the past five years designing and testing this product line to ensure that it is safe, reliable, and effective for all hunters.  Please call or email for product availability.

mission statement


”If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock…Build a Door”.

We are hoping that by developing our  tree stands that we are opening up the door to the world of elevated hunting to our less fortunate hunting friends.

There are hunters that are confined to a wheel chair, who  have a desire to have the freedom  to be hunting “from a tree stand”.

Then there are other hunters that simply cannot climb into a standard tree stand  any longer,  possibly because of health or other impairments.        

We have been inspired by our joy of  hunting to bring or return the thrill of the hunt to those who can no longer hunt from a tree stand……..at least until now.